Practical & Observational Training

Orthoposturologie Orthoscoliogie Orthocyphologie

Posturetek® offers practical and observational training to anyone interested in our field of specialization: the correction of scoliosis and other postural and spinal deformities (kyphosis, spondylolisthesis); or by our unique approach which goes beyond chiropractic treatment to include multiple disciplines such as orthopedics, physiotherapy, kinesiology and yoga. Depending on the condition being treated, treatment is referred to as:

  • OrthoPosturology, the science of postural correction using corrective movement;
  • OrthoScoliology, the science of scoliosis correction using corrective movement;
  • OrthoKyphology, the science of kyphosis (a.k.a. hyperkyphosis) correction using corrective movement.

 Let us know what your specific requirements are and we will be happy to meet and share our knowledge and passion with you.